Wilkinson and Baskett: The Marriage is Officially Over Now

The Los Angeles County Judge signed on the reality TV star and Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson, 33 and former American football wide receiver Hank Baskett, 36. Now they are legally single again.

The Kendra Wilkinson with her two kids and former husband
Kendra Wilkinson with her son Hank Jr, daughter Alijah Baskett and Hank Baskett IV. The family happy time in the past now, ride the High Roller Observation Wheel in Las Vegas.

Last October they signed last legal papers, Kendra wrote on Twitter, “I gave it all i got. Truly did. Im beyond proud of myself!! Fought to save [it until] the last second. Oh well. Life goes on.”

Now the pair have joint custody of their two kids, 9 year old son Hank Jr and 4 year old daughter Alijah. They also divide the wealth equally, but exact details are yet to be known publicly.

Kendra wilkinson tweet after her divorce
Kendra tweeted how she is going to be tonight……….

After the pronouncement of judgement Kendra Wilkinson tweeted, “I’m going to hold my babies extra tight tonight before they close their eyes.”

Neither Kendra Wilkinson nor Hank Baskett prepared to comment publicly on divorce  case judgement.